Photo Essay Nayarit Pacific Coast, Mexico

The Beach at Guyabitos (Before the holidays!)

Photos are from Rincon de Guayabitos and La Peñita, neighboring communities on Jaltemba Bay, and from Aticama at the southern tip of Matanchen Bay.

Guayabitos is an old-style Mexican resort while La Peñita is more of a working Mexican town. Both communities host a sizeable influx of foreign visitors during winter, mostly Canadians escaping sub-Arctic temperatures in their homeland.

Aticama is a small oceanside community that feels a little like the “boonies” of paradise and is friendly and accommodating. A handful of Americans have built homes in the jungle above the town; there is no real tourist thing going on, and no taxi! Mexicans from all around Mexico arrive for the holidays, but it is rare to see any foreign tourists. There is a 6 km long beach where you and the dolphins (big!) swim together within a few fins distance.

The photos can best be seen by clicking the first one of the following gallery and then just click the right part of the photo to see the next one and so on. You can also easily navigate using the directional arrow buttons of the keyboard…

Most photos are from late 2010. All images Copyright 2011 Henry Kuntz Jr. All Rights Reserved.

The Beach at Guyabitos The Beach at Guyabitos

If you would like to see a 37-second video clip (music & bull riding) from the rodeo in La Peñita, you can view here:

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